Star City Shirt - Unisex Fit


Star City Shirt - Unisex Fit

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Miamisburg, the Star City

Why the Star City? We all know Miamisburg is called the One and Only because it is the only city in the world with this name. More commonly, it has been known as the Star City. The million-dollar question is WHY is Miamisburg known as the Star City?

This question remained a mystery for decades until a letter was discovered that seemed to offer an answer that matched the history and location of this special place.

The late Forest Smith, founder of Star City Hardware, a longtime business fixture, wrote the letter in 1983. The letter put into writing many of his significant memories, which included those of Orville and Wilbur Wright and Charles Kettering.

“I, Forest Bradley Smith, born September 20, 1892 in a log cabin (dirt floor) two miles south of Dayton Mall in Miami Township, Montgomery County, State of Ohio, lived here all of my life, through school and Miamisburg High School.”

The letter continued and recalled his relationship with a man known as Mr. Riley and how Miamisburg became known as The Star City.

“The grandfather of surveyor Mr. Riley lived in Miamisburg. Did some surveying for me. I carried the chain for him. During that week, he told me how Miamisburg got its name Star City.

“Zachariah Hole was a minister who (Woodburn) east of Mad River Road on Whipp Road. There were four or five log cabins – one was a church. (He had a son, Dr. John Hole, an MD.) Zachariah rode horseback down to the Great Miami River where Bear Creek empties into the Miami River and met the chief of the Miami Indians and the medicine man. The three sat at a campfire and the medicine man asked ‘what will we call the new settlement?’ The chief looked up to the sky and saw seven stars, the seven sisters. The medicine man said, ‘it be Star Settlement.’

“That is how Miamisburg came to be known as the Star City but Miamisburg was named from the Great Miami River.”

Printed by hand, right here in Dayton, Ohio on Bella + Canvas, Heather Navy, 52% Cotton 48% Polyester blend tees.

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